I'm an idiot. I really jacked up my knee this weekend, and for a really stupid reason.

Saturday was the big Newbo Music Festival, so I had a few friends come into town for the show. I worked most of the day on Saturday, so between that, lack of sleep, and being out in the sun all day, by the end of the night I was EXHAUSTED. But, I had friends in town just for the weekend, so going to bed early was just NOT an option! While waiting for my group of friends to get back to my apartment after the concert on Saturday night, my other friends and I were trying to find ways to stay awake. The obvious answer was to have a dance party in my living room, so we did!

As you can probably assume, it did not end well.

We were dancing to a song (I won't tell you which one, because it's actually pretty embarrassing), and my friend rolling across my floor, and I was jumping over her. My first jump was successful, but while she was doing the second roll, she threw her legs into the air, which knocked me STRAIGHT to the ground. How did I land? RIGHT on my knee. Directly. I swear, I shook my entire apartment building. At first it didn't hurt. It was bleeding, but the rest of my knee was numb. I didn't realize the extent of my wound until Sunday morning, when I tried to walk downstairs.

It has gotten progressively worse since the incident. I don't have any band-aids or Neosporin, so I've just been icing it like CRAZY, trying to get the swelling to go down. I can't even wear pants because they stick to my knee (I learned that the hard way!) In the meantime, I will be skipping the gym and doing a LOT of sitting. Here's a gross pic of the wound: