I went back to Michigan this weekend for a couple of different reasons, but seeing my dogs is always the best part. Let me tell you, nobody will EVER be as happy to see me as my dogs!

My dog and my mom's dog, Charlie and Petey, are both little psychos. They are very jumpy and loud, and they have a ton of energy. Every time I show up at my mom's after being away for awhile, their energy is multiplied by 20. I decided to take a video of what it's like walking into the house after being gone for only 2 weeks. The video is only 24 seconds long, but I can assure you that the excitement lasts longer than that. They won't even let me go into the bathroom! I love them a bunch, though, and I'm just as happy to see them as they are to see me. They just show it a little differently!

My puppies miss me just as much as I miss them!

Posted by Courtlin Khak on Monday, September 21, 2015