It was a busy weekend for me back in Michigan! There was lots of food, lots of sun, and lots of puppies!

After radiothon on Friday afternoon, I had a verrrrry long drive back to Michigan. I didn't make it home until almost 3am! But, that didn't stop me from all of my weekend plans.

Saturday morning I went with my family to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. We go every year! I was running on about 2 hours of sleep, but it was totally worth it. I got to eat scotch eggs, spend too much money in all the cute little shops, learn how to throw a throwing star, and take pictures with some strange characters. After 6 hours of walking around, I was EXHAUSTED. Thank God for naps.

The rest of the weekend was pretty busy. Saturday night I went out with all of my best friends, Sunday I went shopping and ate my favorite nachos on Earth, and Monday I spent the entire day out in the sun (swimming and barbecue included). The drive home yesterday was pretty brutal, but other than that I have no complaints! Here are some pictures from my trip: