The 80s were alive and well this weekend with my movie choice from my New Year's Resolution Movie List! I went for a Tom Cruise classic: Top Gun (1986).

I'm not going to lie to you, when I was scrolling through Netflix and I came across this movie, I was NOT excited about watching it. I honestly thought I was going to totally hate it. Luckily, I was wrong! I definitely did NOT hate Top Gun. In fact, I liked it quite a bit. It made me laugh out loud several times. Although, I will admit, a lot of the parts I laughed at were probably not meant to be laughed at.

My biggest complaint about the movie is the cheesiness of it. Yes, I understand that 80s flicks are typically over-the-top with the drama and the romance, but some of it was so bad I was CRINGING. For example, the part where Charlie chased Maverick down in his motorcycle and they were arguing in the street and she said, "I just don't want anyone to know that I've fallen for you," I GROANED. Out loud. And did they REALLY need to use "Take My Breath Away" 218 times? I NEVER want to hear that song EVER AGAIN. The only other complaint I have, aside from the cheesy dialogue, is Tom Cruise's eyebrow. I say eyebrow because he only had one. Were uni-brows fashionable in the 80s?

I will say that I was totally sucked into the movie. When Goose died, I definitely shed a tear or two. I was never worried about the outcome of the movie, though, because it's an 80s movie, and everything always has a happy ending in 80s movies. My favorite part of the movie was NOT the volleyball scene, like most women would say, but the scene in the bar where Maverick and Goose sing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" to Charlie. I'll give it to Tom Cruise, he was very charming back in the day!

I need another movie to watch next week, so leave your classic movie suggestions below!