There are so many good movies out in theaters right now, I just had to go see a new release this weekend! Yesterday I took myself on a date to go see Trainwreck (2015).

I absolutely LOVE Amy Schumer. She is my spirit animal. That's why I dragged my butt to the movie theaters this weekend when I found out this movie was finally released. I was not disappointed.

My number one complaint about the movie is that it was really long. It was just over 2 hours which is WAY too long for a comedy, in my opinion. There were a few parts of the movie that really seemed unnecessary, but the parts that were funny were FUNNY. Like, really funny. I thought Bill Hader was great, and I really liked Lebron James. I wasn't expecting him to be funny, but a lot of his lines made me laugh out loud.

My favorite scene of the movie is probably when Amy and her sister are walking in the park and they start talking about feminine hygiene products. She had me CRYING. Every woman to ever exist can relate to the issues she talks about, and that's what makes it so hysterical. I also really enjoy that Amy takes on the more traditional male role in the romantic comedy. It's usually the GUY who has problem with commitment/relationships and the GUY who has to win the girl back. This movie was the other way around. I like that it kind of defied gender stereotypes.

Overall, if you enjoy Amy Schumer's raunchy, blunt sense of humor, then you will enjoy this movie. Also, if you're into seeing John Cena's naked body, then you will REALLY enjoy this movie.

This week I will go back to an older movie, so leave your suggestions for me below!

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