I went back quite a few years this last week when it came to a movie choice. This is one that my mom actually recommended to me! For week 29 I went with Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1987).

I'm going to start off by saying that I didn't enjoy this movie as much as I had hoped. It was more amusing than it was funny. I love Steve Martin, and I think John Candy is great, but it was just another over-the-top comedy that I think tried a little too hard to be funny.

I think another big reason I didn't really like the movie was because of how outdated it is. It was hard for me to focus on the big picture, because I just kept thinking about how unrealistic this movie is by today's standards. If a rental car company was to leave you stranded, you could always pick up your cell phone and call them to come and get you. They would have a digital copy of your rental agreement if you lost your paper one. If you ran out of money or lost your credit card, for whatever reason, you could have someone send you money via Western Union. Or, you could find a location of your bank branch and they could give you a temporary ATM card to get out some more money. In today's world, it would NOT take you that long to get home.

There is one part of the movie that I did think was really funny, and that was when Steve Martin confronted the woman at the rental car company and he was dropping f-bombs left and right. I was so shocked! He was such a jerk, so when the woman snapped back at him I thought it was so great.

I feel bad for not loving this movie like everyone expected me to. But, I love a ton of other 80s and 90s movies, so it's not just because the flick is older. I am not ageist!

If you have another classic movie for me to watch, whether it be older or newer, let me know and I will add it to my list!