This past weekend my mom and aunt came to visit me in Iowa, so I let them pick a movie off of Netflix to watch for my New Year's resolution movie list. They decided on an old Julia Roberts movie, Mystic Pizza (1998).

To be honest, I didn't even know this movie existed until they suggested it! But, I will start by saying that Julia Roberts was a TOTAL BABE. I've seen her in a few other older movies, but now I totally get why they cast her in so many roles. The movie was your typical 80s flick - lots of cheesy dialogue and ridiculous hair, and very predictable. That being said, it was still very entertaining to watch. Kat was your typical naive girl making very poor romantic choices (did she REALLY think that dude was going to leave his wife for her?! COME ON.), Daisy was the "bad girl," with just a hint of crazy (Charles' poor Porsche!), and Jojo (my favorite) kind of took on a stereotypical MALE role, which I thought was pretty cool.  Usually in movies (and in real life), it's the GUY who doesn't want to get married and make a commitment, not the woman, so I thought that was interesting.

Overall, I thought the movie was fun and definitely worth the watch. Thanks to my mom and aunt for the suggestion!