You hear more and more about people cutting the cord, leaving cable and satellite in the dust.  And I might just be about to join them, if I can survive it.I think we all look for ways to cut back our bills.  But when it really gets down to it, it's not so much cutting the bills, it's cutting the comforts that create those bills.  Do you really want to turn the thermostat way down on these cold cold nights? Could you live without a cell phone?  Can your family survive on one car?  No one wants to give any of that up.  It would just make life tougher than it already is.  But what about cable?  How many channels do you have that you actually watch?

My wife and I had the discussion of what to cut recently, and we came down to TV.  We just don't watch it, other than locals, and free preview weekends to catch up on movies.  However, the kiddos can't get enough of all things Disney Channel. So will we be able to survive?  I've put in my order to cancel and will get you the follow-up.

Have you cut the cord or thinking about it?  Share your stories/thoughts below.