As I stated the other day, I've decided to drop cable and go to all streaming.  The biggest reason is to save money.  Plus, I wasn't watching most of the channels I had anyway.  But you know, it's not always easy to drop a service. Today's viral of the guy dropping Comcast is good proof of that.  It's also part of the reason I've put this decision off.

First thing of note, if you are just looking to save money on a service, I always recommend calling with the "I'm cancelling cause it's too expensive" excuse.  90% of the time, they're going to try and save you, and offer you a better deal, like what this operator was building up to at Comcast. (Just make sure you have a back-up in case you're in that 10% where they simply say "okay" and cancel you).  It's exactly this money saving deal I was worried about, cause I always get sucked in, and still pay for more than I ever need.

And this time, when I called to cancel my Dish, they did fight for me (without the harassment btw), and ultimately let me know they could put me on "Dish Pause" for free, giving me access to my DVR still for 9 months, but not getting access to the satellite.  That way, if in 9 months I find streaming doesn't work for me, I can reconnect.  They'd even let me get the lower rate they were offering, even though I wasn't taking it now.  Talk about excellent customer service.  The kicker though...

Wait, I'll still have access to my DVR?

Now this really sucks, cause I just spent the last couple weeks delaying the cancel so I could catch up on my DVR before I lost it all.  And now, I still have it, and could've been saving money for weeks?  Oh well.

So lesson learned, at least if you're on Dish, if you're thinking of cancelling, try the "Dish Pause" service, so you can at least see if streaming is an option for your household.  At least you'll still have access to your DVR...

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