I have to agree that it's definitely deserving of the honor!

It's not secret that one of my favorite things about Iowa is the FOOD. There are so many amazing restaurants that are unique to our state, it's honestly hard to decide where to eat sometimes. The cool thing is, good food is everywhere. But, if you're looking for one particular city to get a little bit of everything, Des Moines is the place to go. According to Thrillist, anyways. Here's what they had to say:

"It could be tempting to give Iowa City the nod on the strength of its college-town charm and the undeniable gluttonous glory of the Hamburg Inn No. 2, or maybe tip it to Decorah solely on the strength of Toppling Goliath (beer counts as a food, right?!). But Des Moines isn't just the capital in a governmental sense. Smitty's can compete with anywhere in the state when it comes to turning out a quality pork tenderloin sandwich (in Iowa, that's some fierce competition). Any city would be lucky to have a burger joint as simultaneously excellent and, well, damn fun as Zombie Burger. Lest you think everything's super heavy, you should check out the refined farm-to-table sensibilities of Table 128. Fine, yes, it still serves donuts, but in this case those "donuts" are jalapeño and cheddar fritters covered with Parmesan snow, sweet corn, and Sriracha aioli."

I've expressed my passion for Zombie Burger before, and on my most recent trip to Des Moines, I had some pizza at Fong's. Both places were absolutely amazing. Also, I think the Iowa State Fair should count for something, too (even though it's not a restaurant)! It's in Des Moines and its totally known for the food! Guy Fieri is a fan of a few Des Moines restaurants, too. He featured six of them on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives."

Here are some Instagram posts featuring photos of some of the top-rated restaurants in Des Moines, according to Trip Advisor:

Jethro's BBQ:

Django Restaurant

Zombie Burger:

Smokey D's BBQ:

Fong's Pizza:

Court Avenue Brewery


The Cheese Shop