Downtown Cedar Rapids continues to turn into a more interesting and beautiful place thanks to two new art projects this week. One of them is a gorgeous drawing that could disappear as soon as tonight.

Monday afternoon, I noticed work going on at the 3rd St. skywalk between 3rd and 4th Ave. There also were a number of "human" cutouts on the sidewalk nearby. Tuesday night on my way home, my questions were answered when I discovered the below.

They immediately reminded me of some of the sculptures at the Eastern Iowa Airport:

Just steps outside our building, Plaza 425, at the corner of 3rd St. and 5th Ave. is this beauty:

Bob James

It's a chalk drawing that faces 3rd St. on the Adcraft Printing building. I spoke with an employee who told me he didn't know who the artist was but that they had cleared the drawing with the company's owner ahead of time. I confirmed it was chalk with a touch of a finger on the far edge. Check it out today, because rain tonight could wash much of it away.