Anyone who has driven downtown lately knows getting around is a real pain.  Just about every other street you turn down is either closed or having some work done.  And starting Tuesday, another confusing change is coming.  But this one should be for the better. The city has been conducting extensive studies lately on how to make downtown more efficient for cars, bikes, and the mass transit system.  We've seen the addition of bike lanes, as well as the beginning of the larger process of converting one ways into two ways.  Another step in the process involves the removal of downtown stop lights. According to a memo from the Assistant Traffic Engineer Manager, John B. Witt, the majority of traffic signals downtown no longer meet traffic signal warrants.

With changes at the GTA bus terminal, as well as the CRST construction project, we've already seen some lights, if not stops, disappearing.  The intersection of 4th Ave and 3rd St. has also lost the stoplight last year.  The next next intersection will be at 3rd Street and 5th Ave.

Starting Tuesday, motorists will see that light converted to a continuous flashing light red light.  This will be used for about 4 weeks, at which point the lights will come down completely and stop signs will take their place.  The city reminds you the flashing red lights should be treated as stop signs.

This change is yet another piece of conversion process as the city continues to study other intersections for potential signal removal. In the mean time, as these changes occur, please be alert, and mindful of both motorist and pedestrian confusion.

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