Ever the proud Toronto native, rapper Drake has developed a reputation for himself as an artist who will go to great lengths (or heights) to promote his new mixtapes back at home. For his second album Take Care in 2011, he erected a billboard guerilla-style along Toronto's Gardiner Expressway and styled it after typical welcome-to-town signs. According to The Star, the city was torn between its pride for their international talent and its legal commitment to properly reviewing/addressing any misuse of its logos (which Drake replaced with his own signature owl logo).

Now, according to Fader, Drake has stepped up his billboard game in support of his upcoming album Views from the 6, which Inquisitr notes still has no official release date. His label reps did, however, tell Fader during the rapper's cover interview that the album would be out "imminently."

Six weeks later and still no new album, Drake posted a picture of his newest billboard to Instagram: An all-black background with white text that reads "The 6 God is watching," with his signature praying hands symbol representing "God." He captioned the post with the frustratingly vague sentiment, "Be home soon."

Although his original post has since disappeared, fans have posted their own shots of the billboard as they've passed it going east on the Gardiner Expressway, quickly divulging its exact location in the comments thread:

A photo posted by @bllykal on

Drake has been posting pictures of this same praying hands symbol with the number 6 next to it sporadically for the past few weeks but has remained tight-lipped about the album otherwise. So it's only natural for fans to take this billboard as a sign that the release of Views from the 6 may actually (and finally) be imminent.

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