After the release of Future and Drake's new single "Life Is Good," the hype for their eagerly anticipated What a Time to Be Alive sequel is at a fever pitch. Naturally, the new song also causes people to look back at the previous project, the album cover for which has one of the more unlikely sources in recent history.

Back in 2015, the two superstars used a Shutterstock image that was originally photographed by Christina Tisi-Kramer, a photographer who works as a Photography Assistant Professor at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology. She's an expert in shooting accessories like jewelry, fragrances and other products. While fans were surprised at the accessibility of the artwork, the image, a glittering display of uncut diamonds, definitely echoes the flossy lifestyle the two rappers spit about WATTBA

In September 2015, Tisi-Kramer told Complex that she originally created the shot for Julius Klein Group, a company that evaluates the clarity of diamonds, but saved some images so she can sell them through photo stock agencies like Shutterstock.

At the time her photo was used for WATTBA, Tisi-Kramer said she wasn't familiar with Drake and Future’s music at the time (that’s probably changed since then) but was flattered that they used her image for their cover.

While the album cover became an unexpected claim to fame, she hasn't deviated from the world of teaching. She's still a professor and doing pretty well at her job. According to her students, she's extremely knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to photography. "Best class [I've] taken at FIT," wrote one student via "Very clear and logically organized course. She brings out the best in students. Inspirational. At the end of the course, every single student had grown creatively. Amazing to see and be a part of her class."

You can check out Christina Tisi-Kramer's portfolio at and on her Instagram account.

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