Back in June, one of Drake's bodyguards issued a brutal fade to producer Detail, resulting in a lawsuit against the OVO rapper. But, Drizzy is refusing to come up off the cash the beat maker is seeking for his troubles.

According to DailyMailUK, Aubrey is saying his security personnel acted in self-defense.

The incident happened back in June 2014. As the story goes, Drizzy extended an offer Detail’s way to be his exclusive producer, one that was ultimately declined. According to the lawsuit, though time passed, Drake never forgot the perceived slight and when, in June 2014, Detail arrived at Drake’s estate late one night to work, he was met by Chubbs, who struck him across the face, yelling, “I will beat all your asses, including your bitches. I don’t give a fuck. I will hit you again. Do you think Drake is soft? You think Drake’s a punk?”

The beat down reportedly left Detail with a broken jaw and required surgeries. He later released some pretty disturbing images that were allegedly taken post-punch.

Drake has answered the producer's lawsuit with a self-defense argument, therefore saying he doesn't owe Detail a dime. The Detroit-based producer claims he was so badly hurt he couldn’t work for a year.

In Drake related news, the 6 God has pushed back his remaining Summer Sixteen tour dates due to an ankle injury. “We are over 50 shows in and I have done everything to power through my recent ankle injury and leave it all out there on the stage every night. I hate to be told I can’t do something, but under doctor’s orders to allow me time to recuperate," he recently told fans in a statement.

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