The Piers Morgan-themed cold open of the first 'SNL' episode of 2014 (which aired last night, Jan. 18) focused on current, hot button issues plaguing the country, such as New Jersey governor Chris Christie and the scandalous George Washington Bridge closure, along with the case of beleaguered and suspended New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez and Justin Bieber's Egg Gate.

Host and musical guest Drake appeared as the litigious A. Rod, who attempted to blame Auto Correct for text messages allegedly sent to his steroids supplier, leading to his lawsuit against his iPhone and the dictionary. The rapper was on point as the disgraced major leaguer, especially with his body movements and gestures. Look out: A. Rod, sometimes referred to as "A. Roid," might sue Drizzy!

The skit also got its digs in at The Biebs for egging a neighbor's house, chalking it up to wanting to make breakfast. Kate McKinnon was one heck of a Biebs with her impersonation of the singer. It was all in the details -- namely the matinee idol hair and tattoos.