While 2015 became a banner year for Fetty Wap, the New Jersey rapper spent a good deal of it in hospitals. So he knows what might make it easier to pass the time: the Remy Boy surprised a young fan with a brain injury by sending him a video message. Anthony, a 10-year-old battling with a Hypoxic Anoxic brain injury after suffering a seizure, has always been a fan of the rapper, and received the clip--which offers prayers and best wishes--via iPad at his bed. Watch it below, courtesy of his Instagram account.

Last fall, just a day after his self-titled debut album hit stores, Fetty was involved in a grisly motorcycle accident. (His trouble didn't stop with physical injuries; the MC received summonses for driving without a license, not having insurance and failing to produce a vehicle registration card.) In December, it was reported that his leg wasn't healing well, and that it could require further medical attention.

Fetty first rose to prominence in late 2014, then became a phenomenon after the calendar flipped. It was all thanks to "Trap Queen," his anthemic, passably feminist song about a female co-cook. (The XXL Freshman claims he's using proceeds from the song to put the woman who inspired it through college.) A Drake co-sign followed in the form of a remix to Fetty's follow-up single, "My Way." By the time Fetty Wap dropped in September, he was dominating Billboard, with four singles in the top ten of the service's rap charts.

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