The recent trend of pranksters creating "bubbling fountains" in Cedar Rapids has made for some funny photos and video stories. And while vandalism is a serious issue (and illegal) you can't help but get a laugh out of a fountain overflowing with bubbles.

But the people of Cedar Rapids has always had a great sense of humor! It's said that Robin Williams was the one who coined the famous and cringe-worthy phrase "city of five smells". It's funny because it's true!  And no one was offended. At least not too much.

Here are five videos that capture some pretty funny and adorable moments from Cedar Rapids.

Uptown Funk! The students, faculty and staff of John F. Kennedy High School had a great time putting this video together in April 2015. No one would mistake this for a lost episode of "Glee" but it sure gave us a lot of laughs!

"No chicks left behind!" Another Kennedy High School video gem, and this one is so sweet!  Watch as a mother duck and her babies are rescued after she built a nest in the Kennedy High School courtyard. So cute to watch the officials who help them navigate their way to freedom!

"Not for the faint of heart!" Imagine your kid riding a "wheelie" for over ten miles on the freeway. Can you say STRESS?!? Relax, the rider does just fine...and I bet you a dozen Hurts Donuts that you skipped the video forward just to be sure!

Well that was awkward! - The rock band Disturbed was recently in Cedar rapids for a concert, and the show was "disturbed" by a fire alarm going off as they performed one of their songs. Thankfully, it was a false alarm, and ironically it interrupted a song titled "Sound of Silence"

Election year goes to the dogs, umm...cats! Back in 2007, this cute cat in Hiawatha was invited by mail to register to vote. Sasha owners were amused since the feline has never even been outdoors! And it was invitedto vote two years in a row! No word on whether she was democat or repubicat. 

Drink reshponshibly! This young man has obviously had a good day, and thankfully he has good friends who got him safely home after it was all done.

If you have any silly, funny video moments of life in Cedar Rapids share them with us!

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