There's now a way to make your macro beer taste more like a craft beer, and it involves tea bags.

Capital Teas and Hop Theory are two companies that are offering these tea bags for your beer. Why? Well, for CEO of Hop Theory Bobby Gattuso it's simple. He said, “I found a void in the marketplace in customization. … You can customize your phone. You can customize your bowl at Chipotle. Why can’t you customize your beer?”

Capital Teas currently offers 10 flavors, including Harbor Breeze, Monk's Blend, and Cream Earl Grey Black, while Hop Theory only offers one flavor called Relativity. They say other flavors like pumpkin and Double IPA are on the way.

One guy tested out some of the tea bags on different types of beer, and found that some made a big difference while others were a waste of time. You can see his results HERE.

Would you ever consider trying out a beer tea bag? Leave your opinion in the comments below.