The City of Cedar Rapids ais asking all residents in the flood zone to evacuate by 8:00 pm Sunday. Red Cross and volunteers will assist notifying residents in the areas affected up to a 28 foot flood though predictions are at 25 feet so far.

The 28-foot evacuation level includes the following:

  • Downtown to about 5th Street Southeast
  • The New Bo area to about 8th Street Southeast and Otis Road Southeast
  • The Czech Village between 19th Ave SW to I-380
  • 10th Street SW past I-38
  • The TIme Check area as far as 13th Street NW
  • All of Ellis Rd NW
  • Some areas in Ushers Ferry.
  • Linn County Jail
via City of Cedar Rapids

You can zoom in on the map HERE. The complete list of parcels affected by the evacuation is available HERE.

Police will enforce a curfew 8:00 pm to 7:00 am every morning. The Iowa National Guard will be around to patrol the flood zones, Police will have 73 checkpoints to help block access to flood areas.

The evacuated zone is predicted to remain evacuated for 7 days.

Once the flood waters recede, safety inspection teams will go into the flood zone to assess when residents will be able to get back into their homes.


"I understand the curiosity but the increased traffic and pedestrians make it difficult to protect the property of those directly affected by the events."  Jeff Pomeranz, City Manager.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can call 2-1-1 to request or find out how to volunteer. The city has sandbagging stations set up in Ellis Park, the former K-Mart parking Lot at 16th Ave and Williams Boulevard Southwest and at Hawkeye Downs. Lights will be installed to work round the clock.

Water and sewer systems are protected from the projected flood levels, making us better prepared than 2008.

[via KCRG]