At 10:00 a.m. today another press conference was held at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. The meeting confirmed that we have reached the crest of the river at 22 feet, as opposed to the predicted 23 feet. Below is a view of the rising river yesterday afternoon from the roof of our building.

The 9.8-mile temporary flood protection system is holding strong and the concerns now are more for underground systems, as the grounds have become saturated. Different city officials address issues concerning the flood during the press conference in the video below:

As mentioned in the video of today's press conference, the river level is expected to be below flood stage on Saturday. The river is already lowering and is expected to be at 21.9 feet by 7 p.m. today. A comfortable level according to City Manager Jeff Pomeranz is 18 feet. That is the same level Edgewood floods at. You can see video we shot yesterday of some of the flooding Edgewood is enduring near Ellis.

Due to road closures like that of Edgewood that make it difficult to provide transportation, Cedar Rapids schools have been closed through Friday. Classes will resume on Monday and June 2 has been assigned as a makeup day.

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