Why are these people so happy?  Because they are seeing a movie, for FREE!  And with so many awesome movies this season, like Catching Fire, Frozen, Book Thief, Thor...  we want you to join em.  Even better, you'll be helping your community! This Saturday, we celebrate another year of the "Cans Film Fest" with Wehrenberg Galaxy 16 Cine.  It's not a fine arts film festival, but rather a time for you to catch a free movie or 2 while helping stock the shelves of the Salvation Army food bank.  This Saturday, bring 5 non-perishable food items, and you'll get into any movie for free, but only till 5pm! First shows start at 10am.  I'll actually be there at 10am to kick it all off, and help collect your donations with the Salvation Army.

The deal gets even better though!  If you donate a total of 15 items, you get into any movie before 5 on Saturday, PLUS you'll get a voucher to go see another movie on another day for free!  Sweet right??   Hope your Saturday morning is clear.

So which movie are you going to see?