The 4th of July is coming up really quick, and we're betting you're starting to solidify your plans.  Before anything is finalized though, there's something you might want to consider, especially if you love being outside, enjoying great music, and catching the best fireworks show in Iowa. We already know pretty much everyone heads downtown on the 4th, at least at some point.  It's the culmination of Freedom Festival, and there's a bunch of things going on along the bridges and on May's Island.  Plus, many start staking out their places for the best fireworks.  Maybe you're on the other side, and look to avoid downtown and all the craziness, so you settle for a decent place to view the fireworks. We've got a solution that'll give you the best of both worlds, without breaking the bank.

We have just released a bunch of tickets for the Thomas Dostal Developers Freedom Festival concert at the Amphitheater on the 4th.  And these tickets realistically only cost you about $5 each, and give you a perfect view of the fireworks without the crowd hassle, full sound for the synchronized music show, plus all day entertainment with 5 great bands on stage building up to the fireworks.

I know, last you looked, the cheapest tickets were not $5.  Show how does that work? We've released $15 general admission seating.  With that ticket, you get a Freedom Fest button (which you're going to get and need anyway).  The button is a $5 value.  So basically, your ticket is $10.  However, if you stop at Hawkeye convenience stores, you can grab a $5 off coupon, and thus, your ticket now is $5.  SCORE!!!  It's pretty much a too good to pass up deal.

So back to the concert.  Yes, it's 5 country bands.  But one of them has the #1 single in country music (A Thousand Horses - "Smoke"). Another was on "Dancing With The Stars" paired with Julianne Hough a couple years back (Chuck Wicks). A third brings crazy energy, does pop covers, and is amazing on the fiddle (Natalie Stovall & The Drive). No matter what type of music you prefer, we have a feeling you'll enjoy and be entertained by the bands this year.  Catch the videos below to get familiar with who these bands are, and the energy they'll bring to your July 4th celebration.  No doubt, THE Cedar Rapids July 4th party will be at the McGrath Amphitheater. Be sure to join us there.