I am a huge "Once Upon A Time" fan.  Just something about the show has reeled me in.  In full disclosure, I'm not completely excited by the addition of Elsa/Anna to the cast, but am clearly in the minority there I know.  As such, I'm sure many would love to hear some of the secrets for the upcoming 4th season (premiering Sept. 28th) recently revealed.

We've seen the casting announcements for Anna and Kristoff, Hans, and Elsa, but that's not really what we we're concerned with.  How's the story line going to work?  Will it be before, during, or after the events of "Frozen."  Or, will it follow more along the much darker "Snow Queen" story line, painting Elsa as a true villian (as the teaser seems to hint at). And how long will this arc last?  Will it be a half season deal like "Peter Pan" and "The Wicked Witch", or will things be a little more permanent? Good thing Entertainment Weekly got to sit down with the writers/producers of the show recently.  Honestly, we're stunned at how much was actually revealed.


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    Will Olaf be headed to Storybrooke?

    Unfortunately, no!  They claim his story was done so well in the movie, it just wouldn't fit properly in the world of Storybrooke.  Of course, we hope they're not being 100% honest, or reconsider.

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    Will the "Frozen" addition be temporary or permanent?

    With the Wicked Witch and Peter Pan crossovers being simply half-season arcs, we have to acknowledge the possibility that this will be also be short term, as opposed to permanent.  And it appears that'll most likely be the case.  The writers/producers confirm its a closed ended story line.  We'll have to watch to find out if it'll be half or full season though. (Although they hint it'll just be the first half, starting of course with the premiere.)

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    Will Elsa have a love story as part of her story line?

    While there was a love story in the movie for Elsa, the real essence of the movie, and "Once Upon a Time" is the love of family.  And it sounds like that's the only "love story" for Else that will be explored here.  As for Anna, well... there's a "sneek peek" video out there that has Elsa talking to Anna about her "wedding gift".

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    Since the songs were such a big part of "Frozen", how will they work into the show?

    Their response seemed pretty obvious here: Since "Once Upon a Time" is not a musical, there won't suddenly be songs on the show just for this story arc.

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    Will this story arc occur before, during, or after the events in the movie?

    Well going before wouldn't make sense. So that's out.  The producers here have pronounced their love of the original story, so will pick this up where the movie left off.  Not like a sequel, but to fill in some story additions.

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    We know Elizabeth Mitchell from LOST has been cast as part of the Frozen story line, but role will she play?

    There's been very little info on this casting, and the interviewer speculated she could be the original "Snow Queen" or maybe Elsa/Anna's mom, and the producers confirmed, yes, it's one of those.  But which?  We're guessing Mom, although we're still not sure who the Season 4 villain will be.

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