Headed to the theater to catch "Frozen" tonight, nice family affair.  Out of the 8 of us, 3 being kids, it was well enjoyed.  My thoughts, however, were not necessarily shared by the others.Gotta admit, I'm a Disney fan.  Just added to my Bucket-list: "Get a Season Pass to Disney and make full use of it."  Going to see "Frozen", I honestly had little idea what it was about.  Disney did a good job of keeping the basic under wraps.  Knew there was 2 sisters, one was some kind of winter Queen and possibly evil, the other barely knew her sister but was trying to find her for some reason.  Also knew there was a strange, goofy snowman, plus some guy and a reindeer.  Figured a love story would be involved.  So adventure and romance in the Disney genre, probably geared towards girls, I could handle that.

Now overall, I did enjoy the movie, 3 of 4 stars I guess.  Olaf, the snowman, added a nice comic touch.  He wasn't the brightest bulb, but it added to the comedy that a snowman craved Summer.  He had plenty other one-liners to keep you chuckling, which I might have done out loud once or twice.  The movie also had a plot twist, which is a nice addition to any movie if you ask me.  (Sorry, no spoiler here.)  And the story line was good, leaving me wanting more when it was over. (Nice set-up for the continuing story Disney.)  And the message was FANTASTIC - Don't let your fears overcome you, as you'll live an unhappy life.  Great to teach a daughter who is often afraid of many things.

However, the singing annoyed the heck out of me.  I get it, Disney movies have songs. If I were to say, "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat...", I bet I've cursed you with signing that the rest of the night.  You're welcome. :)   The bothersome part for me, was you don't always need songs.  And, when a line of dialogue suddenly becomes sing-songy by the end, into a full blown song, grrrr.  Let the music cue up, then song break out, and I'm okay.  But this way of doing it, felt like a Broadway play.  I'm not at a play, I'm at a movie.  Save this for the Broadway adaptation.  And that, is where the other 7 in the group scowled at me.  Hey, I can have an opinion.

So overall, 3 of 4 stars.  But the kids loved it, so I highly recommend it. (Like what kid doesn't love a Disney flick...)