When I say this, I really mean it: screaming goats will never NOT be hilarious. Some geniuses put together some goat noises and turned them into Christmas songs, and suddenly the Christmas season got a little more awesome.

ActionAid Sweden describes themself as, "an international organization that fights poverty by primarily focusing on women's and girls' rights." They recently put together an album titled "All I Want for Christmas is a Goat" with eight Christmas songs sung by, you guessed it, goats, and it's all for a good cause.

ActionAid Sweden describes the album on YouTube by saying that it is "designed to draw attention to the work that ActionAid engages and show what difference the most important annual Christmas gift - Goat - can contribute in areas where there is great poverty." For more details, watch this little video:

Now, please enjoy some of your favorite Christmas songs in a way you've never enjoyed them before!

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