Tonight is the night... the 2nd Good-bye to Jay Leno as host of the Tonight Show. First time, as well all know, failed miserably with Conan.  I personally like him, but get that he was too wacky for the audience.  (And honestly, how many people have followed him to TBS).  And good for Jay, his return has given him some of his highest ratings in years.  But honestly, we miss all the zany, crazy antics the Tonight Show is known for.  It's the same kinda stuff Jimmy is always doing on his show, and will almost assuredly be bringing with him.  And thankfully, the Roots are coming too!  We're talking segments like "Thank-You notes", as Jimmy did the other night on the Tonight Show, paying tribute to Jay in the process.

They certainly look a bit different than they did in 2004.

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So farewell Jay.  We wish you the best!  And Jimmy... bring it on post Winter Games.  We can't wait!