Three new 3DS XL designs will be hitting North American stores just in time for the holidays, so do your best to hide your wallet now before it is consumed by one of these three gems.

The first is the majestic 3DS XL you see above fashioned to look just like the original NES controller. The box is meant to replicate the NES itself, as you'll note the subtle red and yellow ports on the side there. This will be a GameStop exclusive design selling for $199.99 starting Oct. 10.


The second one is the oft-rumored Super Smash Bros. themed 3DS XL coming in both red and blue. This design features a design similar to the cover art of Super Smash Bros for the 3DS, and will hit shelves Sept. 19 also for $199.99. Note that the system does NOT come with the game, as the game doesn't launch until Oct. 3.


Finally, this blue Persona Q 3DS XL in celebration of the first ever Persona game on a Nintendo system will also be available. The device is designed like the Grimoire used in the Velvet Room of many Persona games; but if you're a fan, I didn't have to tell you that. This will be another GameStop exclusive, selling for $199.99 starting around the Nov. 25 release date of the game, but it will not be bundled with the game.

So which of you out there are locking your wallets away in the hopes that temptation won't win over your financial stability? That NES 3DS might be too good to pass up... just sayin'.