It's happened again: another high school girl was forced to cover up her dress at a dance... over exposed SHOULDERS. That's right. HER SHOULDERS.

16-year-old Gabi Finlayson bought a dress on a trip to Paris that, in my opinion, is very conservative. It has a lace overlay and falls just below the knee, with a tank-top style sleeve. When she arrived at her high school dance, she was forced to wear her coat over her dress, which caused her quite a bit of embarassment. Her dress DID in fact meet the school's dress code, which requires a 2 inch thick strap.

Gabi's mom, Kristy Kimball, said, “That fact that the school singled her out and asked her to cover herself up is shaming her, objectifying her, and making her feel embarrassed about her shoulders, her body. Telling a girl she can’t wear something that makes her feel good because it might make a boy think inappropriate thoughts is so damaging."

I could NOT agree more with Kristy's mom in this situation. These stories anger me beyond belief. Shoulders are not sexual. They are a body part that both men and women have, and they are taking this dress code to extreme levels. In my high school, some of the stricter dress code rules were lifted for formal dances. Her dress is more appropriate than any dress I wore for 4 years of dances!

What do you think? Is this school being too harsh?

See the dress HERE.