Summer means road construction season.  And as expected, Cedar Rapids has some major road projects coming up.  It's part of the "Paving for Progress" program.  So it's a good thing, but also a maddening headache.  So what's being ripped up...and when?This week already, 17th Street SW from 1st Avenue to 10th Avenue is being redone, as concrete repairs have started, followed by fresh asphalt next week.  As for other projects expected this year, here's the list.

NW Quadrant

  • Ellis Blvd. from K Avenue to O Avenue
  • B Avenue NW Improvements from Highland Drive to 8th Street
  • 13th Street NW from A Avenue to B Avenue
  • E Avenue from Stoney Point Road to Rock Valley
  • Ellis Lane NW, Ellis Blvd to 8th Street NW

SW Quadrant

  • 3rd Avenue SW Improvements from 6th Street to 10th Street
  • 8th Avenue SW Improvements from 10th Street to 7th Street
  • Diagonal Drive SW Improvements from Interstate 380 to West 8th Avenue Bridge Approach
  • Edgewood Road SW from Williams Boulevard to 16th Avenue
  • Wiley Blvd SW from William Boulevard to 16th Avenue
  • 17th Street SW from 1st Avenue to 10th Avenue
  • West Post Road SW from Ruhd Street to 16th Avenue
  • Wilson Avenue SW from West Post Road to Troy Street
  • Hawkeye Downs Road from 6th Street to J Street

NE Quadrant

  • Boyson Road NE Improvements from C Avenue to East Corporate Limits
  • Coe Road NE Improvements from Center Point Road to A Avenue
  • Glass Road NE Improvements from Edgewood Road to Wenig Road
  • Kiowa Trace NE, 6821 to 7015 Residences
  • Oakland Rd NE from E Ave to H Ave
  • Seminole Valley Rd NE from Fords Crossing Road to 42nd St
  • Blairs Ferry Rd NE from W. of Miller Ave to W to Wayside Circle Dr
  • 74th Street from White Ivy Place to C Ave
  • 42nd Street from I-380 to Wenig Rd
  • Northbrook Drive NE from Boxwood Lane to Laurel Lane NE

SE Quadrant

  • 4th Avenue Improvements from 6th Street to 19th Street
  • 19th Street from Mt Vernon Road to Bever Avenue
  • Bever Avenue from 19th Street to 14th Street
  • Bever Avenue from 22nd Street to Memorial Drive
  • Garden Drive from Grande Avenue to Washington Avenue
  • 11th Avenue Improvements from 3rd Street to 4th Street

What a list!  Good to note, these will be rolled out, as opposed to all at once... as far as we know.  Other good thing to note, the city is looking for you feedback too, as this is all part of a huge 10 yr project.  Residents are encouraged to email comments or other feedback to

And yes, they are aware of the bigger problems, which are part of the larger 10 year plan, as many of these are much smaller, hopefully quicker, fixes.