You're the type of person who doesn't just "eats" a meal. To you, dining is an experience. You savor your meals and move slowly through the process, never rushed, enjoying each flavor, every bite and every moment in a zen-like fashion.

You, are a foodie. Say it loud and proud. A foodie is anyone who truly enjoys food, knowing that while we eat to live, we also live to eat.

If you think you are one of us but don't know quite how to proclaim it yet, here's an easy guide for you on how to join the unofficial club of Cedar Rapids Foodies.

1. Go out and find some great food in Cedar Rapids. Foodies love to post the most delectable photos on Instagram:

2. Take a photo of your plate before your dive in.

4. Use the hashtags #cedarrapidsfoodies and #1045kdat (and add your own, of course!)

Congratulations, you are now an unofficial member of the Cedar Rapids Foodies. There are no dues or fees in this club, no leaders, no by-laws, just a passion for quality and a love of life..and food. You're going to fit in quite well here!