The Hurts Donut Company made a stop in Marion today, and the long lines followed. They brought their donut ambulance with them to hand out goodies to the hundreds that waited patiently in the parking lot of the Fareway on 10th Avenue in Marion. I was one of those people. I'd never visited Hurts Donut in Iowa City/Coralville. But now that they were HERE...I couldn't wait.

Hurts began selling their popular donuts at 11am. I arrived around 10:45 a.m. and the line had already formed. Not much of a surprise given the nice weather and that many kids are out of school for the summer. At about 11 a.m., the Hurts Donut vehicle pulled into the lot and the show began!

Marion appreciated their stop as Hurts donated 10% of sales to Feeding Lunches to Youth in the Marion area. A dozen donuts cost you $15. I saw two kids and a mom come out with seven! Now that should keep them fed for awhile! I asked one of the workers how often Hurts did a stop like this. He replied, once a week. So get on their Facebook page and find out where they'll be next! The 45-minute wait was worth it!