They've become a staple on fashion runways, are celebrated in Neighbourhood's "Sweater Weather", and are a staple part of a major pop star and one of The Voice contestant's wardrobes. The High Waisted Short.  Maybe it's cause I'm a guy, but I just don't get them. Kat Robichaud

No surprise, very few of us really get "high fashion", although I'll bet many of you ladies would argue the different. But as an avid watcher of The Voice this season, I cringed every time Kat Robichaud performed. I've got nothing against her singing or on stage antics.  But the wardrobe confuses me horribly.  I don't get the draw.  She clearly loves them though, and that's awesome for her, as you should always be yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in, no matter anyone else's opinion.


Getty Images Entertainment - Theo Wargo


Taylor Swift is also a big fan of em.  She's been modeling em for quite a while now I believe.  Heck, I have no clue how long they've been in style.  But what's the draw?  Help me out here ladies.  Is it that they highlight the legs, making them look longer?  I just don't get the appeal.  Blame it on me being a guy I guess.




So what do you think?  Love 'em? Hate 'em?  Are you rockin' them?