Iowa could be hit by space junk this weekend, just in time for April Fool's Day. Except, this is no joke.

China's very first space station, known as Tiangong-1, is expected to crash back to earth on Easter Sunday, seven years after it was first launched. In 2017, China said they had no control over it anymore. Great. So, what's that mean?

NASA/Getty Images

The vast majority of the space station should burn up when it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere but some of it is still expected to hit Earth. It's forecast to happen on Easter Sunday, April 2, beginning around 9 a.m., Iowa time. Where will it land? Iowa is in one of the stripe's of greatest risk, if you will.

The graphic below shows Iowa is in the yellow, along with Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and 12 other states. Those yellow stripes are the areas most likely to see debris. The green area is also considered one that could see some of the space station's remains. The blue area is a virtual impossibility.

Aerospace Corporation

So, should we be worried? Nah. Space junk is tracked by an organization called Aerospace Corporation. They say your chances of winning Powerball are about 100 million times greater than getting hit by a piece of space junk.

Only one person has ever been hit by space junk. If someone calls you this weekend and say they got plunked by it, check your calendar. If it's Sunday (April Fool's Day), laugh heartily. If it's not, you might wanna ask some questions. It's happened once. It's bound to happen again... some time. And if you find something weird-looking and unusual in your yard this weekend, just tell everybody it's from the space station. They won't know any different and maybe, just maybe...