Work on a home in Iowa City that will resemble Kinnick Stadium was stopped Wednesday after neighbors raised concerns over what the house will be used for. Residents in the Manville Heights neighborhood claim that mistakes were made in approving the site plan.

Frederic Reed Carlson is having the proposed home built at 101 Lusk Avenue. The house will have an upper level that consists of bedrooms a kitchen and other features of a traditional home. The bottom level will feature an industrial kitchen, a courtyard, basketball court and men's and women's bathrooms. Some in the neighborhood feel that Carlson will use the home for large gatherings during Hawkeye home games.

Carlson has stated that the Iowa City building will be used as a second home that will be used for the occasional family gathering but will sit vacant much of the year.

The case is set to be heard by the Iowa City Board of Adjustments on August 10th.


[via Gazette]