The hopes of a Big Ten Championship were dashed Saturday night in a battle that was Big Ten Football to a t. A 22-play drive against a worn out Iowa defense gave Michigan State the win but every Iowa player and fan can hold their head high.

It's been talked about for weeks that Iowa didn't get respected by the national media. Last night, on the biggest stage, Iowa earned it. The Hawkeyes demanded it. A defensive effort that I'll never forget and just not quite enough offense spelled defeat in the game's final 30 seconds. I, like you, wanted to win that game with all of my being. Sure we lost, but I didn't feel devastated afterward. Those players and coaches gave everything they had. They battled to the very end. You talk about heart, determination, and desire. I'm SO PROUD of that team. It was a game I'll never forget from a regular season that the state of Iowa will proudly relish forever.

Iowa fans across the world, even the famous ones, enjoyed the moment on social media (below).

Now for that trip to the Rose Bowl. Win number 13 awaits the Hawks, and we know Iowa will again fight with everything they have and again make us proud to be Hawk fans. I'll see you in Pasadena.