Iowa native and comedian Tom Arnold gave a passionate speech and took a selfie with the crowd, the entire Hawkeye Marching Band performed, and Iowa fans turned out... oh did they turn out... for the Hawkeye Huddle at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Tom spoke about not only what Hawkeye football has meant to him this year during a rough period in his life, but what's it meant his entire life. It was quite a speech, of course, spiced with humor. You can see and hear it all here:

That selfie that Tom took with the crowd is below. Let's just say he won't win any photography awards. Still, it shows you the HUGE number of people in attendance. Some estimated the number of Iowa fans near 20,000. I don't doubt it for a second.

The entire 240-member Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band was also in attendance and gave a rousing performance:

The warnings to the LA Convention Center about the number of Iowa fans that would be coming apparently weren't heeded. It was announced from the stage that they'd been warned and told over and over but didn't listen. Beer lines were near 45 minutes and food lines around 30 while there weren't nearly enough seats for everyone in attendance and the sound system was woefully inadequate for the size of the crowd and room. Almost no one complained, though. On our bus ride back to the hotel, everyone was singing everything from "Bringing Home the Roses" ('82 Rose Bowl song) to Neil Diamond and Journey.

The Iowa Hawkeyes continue preparations for Friday's New Year's Day matchup with Stanford and Iowa fans are in the same mindset. Yes, we're having fun in California but everyone is focused on screaming our bloody heads off and helping the Hawkeyes bring home the trophy.