Those big ol' sexy tractors are hitting the fields ahead of schedule. Based on a report released on Monday, last week Iowa farmers planted an estimated 1.8 million acres of corn due to the mild winter and drier spring weather.

Iowa farmers are ahead of the five-year average by over a week.

Mark Licht of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach told the Des Moines Register, "Once the weather gets good, once the soil temperatures get warm enough, you want to plant as soon as you can. The downside is that we have cold temperatures and frost in early May, but generally, there's less risk planting early than there is planting late."

Rain is expected through midweek across the state and that will help with the crops. A USDA report indicates that topsoil moisture levels are currently rated at 11% for very short to short, 84% adequate, and 5% for surplus moisture. Things sure are lookin' good for our crops!

[VIA Des Moines Register]