As an Iowa fan, I don't know if I'd ever tire of hearing the Iowa fight song. However, if I'd been hearing it seven hours a day for the past eight months like these people, even I might feel different.

The Iowa fight song has been playing, nearly every day since last August, through the windows of a vacant building in Niagara Falls, New York. It plays on a loop from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m from the building at 500 Third Street. The 50-second sound clip plays more than 500 times each day and can be heard for a block in all directions. Yeah, that could be a bit much.

Police have told Shawn Weber, the owner of a restaurant across the street that the volume of the music and when it's being played don't violate any ordinances. Weber says customers and residents who live above the restaurant have all complained and he tells the Niagara Gazette he's "... not sure what the purpose is or what the issue is."

The way I look at it, the Iowa football and men's basketball teams are 28-5 since the fight song started playing in this building. For that reason alone, I hope it doesn't stop anytime soon. I've cued it up below for your listening and in this case, viewing pleasure.

[via Niagara Gazette]