Two local women have cashed in with $1 million winnings on the CBS show, Survivor. First, there was Denise Stapley, who took home the cash in December of 2012.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Then last May, Cedar Rapids Police Officer (and Marion resident) Sarah Lacina brought home the big check from the popular television show.


Now an Iowa native is a new millionaire of a different reality show. Cody Nickson, 32, is a graduate of Lake Mills High School in extreme north central Iowa. He and his 26-year-old fiancee', Jessica Graf, were named the winners of Season 30.

The 30th season of The Amazing Race sent 11 teams all over the world, battling it out in physical and mental challenges. After traversing 21 cities, ten countries, and 29,000 miles, Nickson and Graf took home the win, and the money.

Why the team name 'Big Brother?" If you watch the show, 'Big Brother,' and think they look familiar, you're right. Cody and Jessica appeared on Season 19 last summer.

Nickson and Graf have something else to celebrate. According to the Globe Gazette, Cody and Jessica were engaged February 15.

Congrats to the lucky winners who now reside in Texas (Cody) and California (Jessica) on their win as well as their upcoming nuptials!