Do you have a problem with this sentence?

900+ pink slips possible for teachers in Iowa this year.

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

The Iowa State Education association says uncertainty in funding is "frustrating for teachers, taxpayers, school boards and students to have so much uncertainty moving into the next school year."

What a mess. This from the state that always tops national lists of best education system. It's reality. I get it. Doesn't take away the sting though. Classrooms in our state are already bulging at the seams with higher student counts.

"Speak Up For Public Schools" is an event the ISEA will hold Thursday, April 30th. They encourage all to wear pink to highlight the importance of budgets and how they relate to schools.

Important? I'll say. Next time you see a teacher, thank them for their efforts in the classroom. Let's hope the vast majority can stay on the job and we can keep our reputation as a great place to raise and teach kids.