A new study found that Iowa is the second best state in the US to spend your golden years in!

A lot of people talk about moving to places like Florida when they retire, but if you live in Iowa, you should probably reconsider! Although the weather isn't as nice (we'll give you that one, Florida), Caring.com did some research and found that Iowa is the #2 best state to retire in, following only South Dakota.

Why? Well, researchers looked at things like quality of life for residents over 55, affordability of senior care, long-term care, quality of health care, support for seniors and caregivers, and ratings of senior care providers in each state, and Iowa did great! Senior care costs in our great state are around the national average, and our quality of life and healthcare for residents over 55 both ranked in the top 10 in the nation.

If you're thinking that Florida or Arizona are close behind on the list, you're actually wrong! Finishing out the top five are Minnesota, Alaska, and Oregon. Those two states didn't even make the top ten (but Hawaii did!).

To see the full list, click HERE.

[Via Caring]