All I can say is: Finally!

On the heels of the "Baywatch" reboot coming to theaters as well as "Fuller House" on Netflix, the recycling of pop culture nostalgia is about to continue in a massive way. Word is that New Line Cinema is negotiating the rights to a big-screen adaptation of the classic sitcom "Three's Company", and I couldn't be happier.

While "Three's Company's" original run was, mostly, before my time, I've always been a huge fan and catch reruns whenever possible (and yes, I own the series on DVD as well).

Some say the recycling of old material is happening a bit too often. I mostly agree, but it's a practice that seems here to stay. I am looking forward to seeing Janet, Chrissy and Jack "come and knock on our door" on the big screen in the near future.

No word on any casting moves yet, or what kind of angle from the show the film will take, but you can find out more on the project here.  As an added bonus, one producer from one of my favorite '80s movies, "Cocktail" is reportedly onboard! Maybe he could get his old buddy, Tom Cruise, to sign on for a role? Ehh, maybe not.

[Via Rolling Stone]