Earlier this week, I was dispatched to Dyersville to produce a story at the Field of Dreams baseball field. The Field of Dreams is one of my favorite places to visit here in the Hawkeye State. I was very happy to make the short trip from Cedar Rapids over to Delaware County.

When I arrived, I realized my car was a little low on gas. I was also craving a sharp cheddar cheese stick and some beef jerky. I had a little extra time, so I asked my favorite gal 'Siri' to find me the nearest convenience store. She obliged, and I was on my way.

Believe it or not, her directions didn't lead me to the Cadillac of Iowa convenience stores, Casey's General Store. Here in Iowa, you can practically find a Casey's on every block. Instead, I ended up at what appeared to be a pretty nice mom and pop gas station located in the Heart of the Heartland....I emphasize the word "appeared."

The name of this place reminded me more of a Vegas massage parlor than a convenience store. Was I walking into a brothel that specialized in keeping things on a time schedule? What's happening here!?!

Maybe I should get my head out of the gutter, but it just seemed weird! What do you think?

Photo: Jz

I laughed, and quickly snapped a photo to send out to all of my friends in the Twitterverse. They got a kick out of the store name and it's appearance, and instantly my Timeline was flooded with jokes and one-liners. Apparently, I'm not the only one with my head in the gutter....but come on, what did you expect would happen?

Photo: Larson
Photo: Larson

I wish there was a happy ending to this story, but there's not. My producer was on the other line reminding me we were starting in 3 minutes and I was already running 7 minutes behind. No cheese, no beef jerky, and nothing Quik nor Handy. I left before even entering the store.

Maybe Quik-N-Handi was trying to make a pun like another famous gas station here in the great state of Iowa?

Photo: Jz

So the next time you're driving through Iowa in need of provisions, don't be scared if the sign on the side of the building appears to bit peculiar. There's a reason:

This isn't heaven........it's Iowa.