As we watch the falling temps, the latest weather advisory has come in: There's a Frost Advisory for Linn County from 1am till 7am tomorrow morning.  Now, a couple months ago, this would seem the norm.  But wait... IT'S MID-MAY!!!!  Seriously, this is getting out of hand.  After an almost non-existant fall, and brutal winter, will we even see much of Spring, let alone will summer ever get here?  Of course, it could be worse. This picture above was taken TODAY, May 16th 2014, in the small western Illinois town of Paw Paw.  Yes, our neighbors to the east are seeing snow today.  Enough to make a snowman in Kingston, IL.  Maybe we should be thankful for a little frost concern.  (Just make sure you protect your very fragile gardens you just planted thinking it'd be safe.)  Good luck on any strawberry crop this year.

Snowman in Kingston, IL - May 16, 2014