In the past year, Nick Jonas has seen his fair share of gay rumors and made it abundantly clear that he fully embraces his gay fans, encouraging more straight male artists to do the same.

As The Huffington Post reports, we can now add another member of the Jonas family to the LGBT+ community's growing list of advocates:Joe Jonas.

While on the road promoting his new band DNCE's funk- and disco-inspired EP "SWAAY," Jonas told Chris Azzopardi of PrideSource that he has been hit on by numerous gay men but doesn't shrink from all the attention; in fact, he finds it quite flattering. "I don't mind...if someone is nice," Jonas explains, "And it's been cool to see at these concerts too. A lot of guys come out to the shows—some gay guys as well—and I love that. They rock out; they have fun. And I feel like the music is helping people express themselves in a way. I'm seeing people with glitter on their face, with the brightest colors. I love that we can encourage people to be themselves."

While Joe shares Nick's concerns that the Jonas Brothers didn't do enough for their gay fans, he is proud of the strides his new band DNCE is making: "And now, having friends who are gay and touring in these different markets and seeing that DNCE has gay fans coming out to the shows, it's awesome. I just hope that with my new music—and like Nick—I'll be able to reach out in my own way and really get people to feel comfortable. That's what we're trying to do, especially with DNCE. It's like its own party, and we invite everybody."

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