Too sexy. That's Justin Bieber's video for 'All That Matters.' The sexiness is mostly rooted in the power of suggestion, but the suggestion is not subtle. There's lots of sucking face and touching. Mmm hmm.

Okay, so maybe it's not suggestive and subtle. There is a level of physicality that is in your face but it's not X-rated, so relax, ladies and parents of Beliebers.

A blonde babe is perched on a motorcycle, leaning up against a wall, bumping and grinding against The Biebs and nibbling on his ear. He also goes shirtless and does a little pump-fake, too. Watch the video and you'll recognize exactly what part we are talking about. Hint: It happens at the 1:59 mark. Prepare to swoon.

We almost can't handle how steamy this clip is. It ends with a passionate smooch, but we love the scene a few seconds prior where The Biebs backs away from the camera with a look of anguish in his eyes. Sigh.

We know that every Belieber is imagining herself in this video, wishing it was she who was lucky enough to make out with The Biebs and smooch with him.