Justin Bieber has three girls in one night in his short film for his newest scent, the Key.

In the film, the 'PYD' singer gets a skeleton key from a hotel employee, which he uses to take three different ladies, all lovely to look at in their own ways, on their dream dates.

The first girl enjoys outdoor rooftop dancing with Bieber, holding hands and frolicking through the hallways of the building. She sports a vintage look, wearing a black dress with white polka dots.

The next lucky lady is surprised by the Biebs as she puts on mascara in the hotel room mirror. He enters as a bus boy, sporting a crimson uniform and carrying a tiered cake. (We wanted to call it a wedding cake, because that's what it looks like, but there were no toppers!) They embark on a romance of their own.

The last beauty is treated very sweetly -- literally. She's in a room full of macarons, cakes, cookies and, of course, Bieber himself, who feeds her the goodies.

All the ladies sleep with the Key fragrance by their beds, and with the accompanying necklace either around their necks or in their hands. It's the key to sweet dreams about the Biebs!