Justin Timberlake is the latest celebrity to fall victim to PWI (Photographed While Intoxicated). The performer attended the Chris Stapleton concert at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on Monday night, and it appeared as if he had quite a few drinks during the performance. All in the spirit of "Tennessee Whiskey," though, obviously.

TMZ posted an exclusive video on Tuesday morning of Timberlake leaving the concert, slowly weaving through a pack of paparazzi as they scramble to get their shots, and slurring his words as he reprimands them along the way.

Now, we're used to celebrities criticizing the paparazzi for being aggressive, invasive, persistent, unprofessional—the list goes on. But Timberlake, despite his seemingly intoxicated state, has a more original angle for his criticisms: laziness.

He begins his mini-rant by repeatedly reminding the paps that he gave them photo ops before he walked in to the concert, occasionally raising his hand with a clear cup of what looks like water in it. But the paps don't seem to care—a picture of his arrival is much different than snaps of his departure, especially now that alcohol is involved.

Timberlake adopts a more assertive, frustrated tone and lays into the paps one final time: "I gave you shots before I walked in, and if you're too lazy [extra emphasis here] to be the paparazzi who gets the shots when I walk in, that's on you!" He utters those final words as he steps onto his bus, only to then re-emerge from it shortly after in a coat and hat.

Not exactly a mic drop, but we'll take it. You can watch the full video over at TMZ.

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