Katy Perry is a bit of a health nut, according to the rider and requests for her New Year's Eve gig in Las Vegas, a private event for high rollers.

TMZ got its mitts on the rider, which is pretty green and healthy, save for some marginal junk, like tortilla chips.

We've reviewed it and are left to wonder if Perry could have been any more specific! You'd think she was having a catered event. We feel bad for the assistant whose job it was to track down all these items in advance of Perry's arrival.

See the list of items Perry wanted in terms of food below.

-Fresh veggies at all times, including spinach/broccoli/celery/beets/carrots/kale, etc.
-Two large baskets of fruit -- one must be tropical.
-Dinner must include a vegetarian option ... plus quinoa or couscous.
-ALL meals must be low-fat and health conscious and cannot contain MSG.

But that's not all. She was also super specific about dressing room eats. Hey, she's worked hard to get this far. She can request a little organic fruit and a spot of ranch dip.

She also requested three bottles of liquor, which sorta negates that whole organic, fresh, healthy fruit thing. Then again, grapes are a fruit and grapes make wine…

-Fresh organic grown fruit (including SLICED pineapple, mango, kiwis, etc)
-Fresh cut crudites (cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snap peas & celery ... plus ranch dip)
-Healthy granola
-Dried figs
-Whole grain tortilla chips
-Large bowl hummus
-Fresh made guacamole

Should we ever find ourselves hosting a dinner party with Perry as a guest, here's the shopping list.